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Hi, my name is William, and I am a young author at the age of 14. I love writing, I love reading, and I love ideas. I love fantasy, adventure, and mystery books, and am disappointed that not enough people are writing that sort of thing. That is partly the reason that I have started writing books. My first book, was about an island of stickmen: The Stickman Adventures, which I finished in 2015, and am now striving to re-write it into a longer, extended edition.

Minecraft Pictures


Me racing against Herobrine

Me hunting with my wolf

Me playing minecraft

Me and my pet wolf

Me and my sword

Me And My Friend

My Sister

Me, my sister, and my brother

Me on my bed

Me with my friends

Cookie Monster?

Enderman Thief?


Diamond Brother



Snowball Fight!


My brother and his dogs

Cliff Hanger

A Summer Day...


Cloud Battle!


Fellow User

WHAT IS MINECRAFT? (For those of you who don’t know)

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game that gives the user the ability to build amazing structures out of textured cubes with various materials to choose from: stone, dirt, sand, sandstone… Normal rules of physics don’t apply because it’s possible to build structures in Creative mode that defy gravity or have no visible means of support.

The creative opportunity that this program offers users is incredible, with people building entire cities, cliff hanging civilizations, and even cities in the clouds; the real game, however, is played in Survival mode. In this setting, users are dropped into a blocky world with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Knowing that night is fast approaching, users must gather resources: wood, stone, iron, etc, in order to craft tools and weapons so that they can protect themselves when the monsters come; nighttime is monster time.

To find resources, the player must create mines, digging deep into the flesh of Minecraft in hopes of finding coal and iron, both necessities in order to make the metal weapons and armour that are essential to survival. As they dig, the users will encounter caverns, lava filled chambers, and possibly the rare abandoned mine or dungeon, where treasures wait to be discovered; but with passageways and chambers patrolled by monsters waiting to snare the unwary.

Though the land is filled with monsters, the user is not alone. Vast servers exist where hundreds of users play the game, all sharing space and resources along with other creatures in Minecraft. Villages dot the surface of the game, with NPCs (non-player characters) populating these small cities. The villagers scurry about the village doing whatever villagers do, with chests of treasure, sometimes great, sometimes insignificant, hidden within their dwellings. By talking with these NPCs, it’s possible for users to trade items  to get rare gems or materials for potions, as well as obtain the occasional bow or sword.

This game is an incredible platform through which people can design machines (powered by redstone, much like electrical circuits), unique games, custom maps, and PvP (player vs. player) arenas. Minecraft is a game filled with exciting creativity, spine tingling battles, and terrifying creatures. It is an open, empty universe, just waiting for you to create something.

Me And Minecraft

When I was given a Minecraft account for my birthday, I was pretty excited.

My three older brothers had bought their own Minecraft accounts a year or two ago and we had all had a lot of fun playing it. One of them saw a video about Minecraft in its Beta version, and so we all got the demo and played around with it. Several days later (maybe a week or two) my dad helped them all buy their own accounts (It was in Beta 1.7, just after the addition of pistons, and just before the update to Alpha) and they instantly started to play it. I played on it too, on the occasions when one of them was away.

I remember the first time I played Survival mode, me and my brother built a wooden house, and after a slight accident (trying to make a fire place) I accidentally set the house on fire, and by the time my brother and I brought it back under control (lots and lots of water) more than half the house was gone. To make matters worse, the whole house and the area around it was flooded with water. It took a lot of sponge (before it was deleted) to finally get it back to normal. After that incident, I didn’t play Minecraft much for a long time.

So after a year or two of playing on my brother’s accounts, I was given one for my birthday (with the name of Phomper) and off I went, blowing craters to bedrock with TNT, setting forests alight and trying to get them back under control, and a lot of other basic things: exploring, building, crafting, killing, mining, eating, farming, etc. Over the last couple of years I have changed my nickname (thanks to the ability to turn your Minecraft account into a Mojang one) several times, from Phomper to Modder11, than to Modder112, and finally to ThunderBolt832, my current username.

My brother has his own server, hosted on his PC, but it is pretty small and I don’t go on there that often. I mostly go on servers like the Gameknight999 server at mc.gameknight999.com, or the Hypixel server at mc.hypixel.net, they are very fun, but the things I like doing best are either custom survival maps or (mostly) adventure maps. I like redstone creations and making command blocks do things (which I am only beginning to scratch the surface of) and doing things with MCedit.

I may be doing something with map making sometime, and maybe making my own server (hopefully). If you don’t own Minecraft, then I suggest looking up about it or even better, getting an account at minecraft.net.