Day 17 – 435 words and a total of 27 404 words. Not very much, but tomorrow will hopefully make up for it!

Stikky was the first to make his move. Running forward, he ducked as Wyllum swung his sword, hitting the leader of the Guerdon Gang on the head with the hilt of his sword.

Stumbling backwards, Wyllum dodged to the side as Stikky brought his sword down as hard as he could.

Swinging his gladius in a special move he had practiced hundreds of times, the leader of the Guerdon Gang twirled his sword around, feigning left as he spun around and headbutted Stikky as hard as he could.

Stikky saw stars as he was knocked flying against the wall, his head lolling against the wall as his sword left his hand and tumbled to the floor.


Rolling to the side as Wyllum’s sword embedded itself directly where his head had been a moment before, Stikky gave the assassin a shove, smacking him with the flat of his sword as he did so.

Howling with rage, Wyllum picked himself up as he pulled with all his might at his sword, yanking out of the stone wall where he had embedded it.

“Arghhh!” The top-notch assassin screamed, charging towards Stikky and swinging his sword wildly.

Leaping backwards as the blade nicked his shirt, Stikky lifted his sword, blocking an attack just in time.

Face to face with each other—their swords just centimetres from each other’s throats—the two swordsman glared at each other for a few seconds, waiting for the other to make their move.

Once again, Stikky was the first to react. Whipping his sword around in a skilled move he had practiced with Leddy countless times, he flipped it round, disarming the leader of the Guerdon Gang and sending him stumbling backwards, a look of disbelief on his face.

Backing away as Stikky lifted the sword to his throat, Wyllum shook with rage as he stepped backwards closing his eyes as he prepared for the inevitable blow.

“Get out.” Stikky said simply, glaring at Wyllum as he turned and ran away, an expression of fear—something the leader of the Guerdon Gang was not used to—on his face.

Turning, Stikky indicated to the open gate with his sword as D3-RP and Drayde got to their feet and began to drag the still-snoring form of Giabrel away.

Staggering forward, he dropped to his knees as weariness overtook him, he looked up just in time to see Wyllum give him one last glare as he turned the corner and disappeared around the castle wall.

A hand rested on his shoulder suddenly, and he turned to see Leddy looking down at him, grinning victoriously.

The Guerdon Gang were gone.