Day 3, 1299 words today and 4405 words in total! This ends in a chapter ;).

“…and then, after we have interrogated our prisoner,” Dr. Destray was saying. “We can find out where they are at the momen-”

At that moment, the two evil masterminds spotted them.

“You captured two?” Destick exclaimed unbelievingly.

“No, sir…” Dr. Destray said slowly. “They look very much… uncaptured… to me, at least.”

“You’re right!” Destick declared, turning to his Strobot Bodyguards. “Seize them!” He ordered, pointing to the two stickmen.

As the Stikky and Leddy pulled out their swords—Leddy’s a sparking, electrical Strobot sword—the two robot bodyguards ran forward, blades at the ready.

Jumping up onto a table, Stikky leaped into the air and brought his sword down with all his might.


As the Strobot blocked the attack, the force of his own blow numbed Stikky’s hands, making him almost drop his blade as he landed on the ground behind his opponent, more than half-winded.

Whirling around as he readied for an attack, Stikky suddenly found himself off balance as his enemy gave him an unexpected push.

Tumbling to the metal floor, he had just enough breath left to bring his arm up in time to block a vicious attack from his Strobot opponent.

Rolling out the way, Stikky leaped to his feet and shoved his enemy, sending him sliding over a benchtop and into a glass case, smashing a peculiarly-shaped gun that looked like it was made out of some kind of crystal.

“My Acid-Gun!” Dr. Destray yelled, wringing his hands in distress. He then turned to his partner-in-evil.

“How long are we going to let them fight?!” He shouted, glaring at Destick. “Let’s just call in the Strobots to finish them off! Your bodyguards aren’t doing it quick enough!”

“Don’t worry!” Destick replied. “We’ll be finished here soon…”

“But they’re destroying my inventions!” Dr. Destray almost-screamed. “Oh, I’ll go do it myself!” he added, and turned and hurried off down the corridor.

Shaking his head in annoyance, Destick turned back to watch the rest of the fight, certain victory was near.


Ducking as he avoided an attack that would have taken off his head, Stikky leaped up and gave his opponent a kick in the chest, sending him stumbling backwards into a bench, where a beaker of green, fizzing liquid labeled ‘DANGER – ACID’ sat.

As an idea popped into his head, Stikky spun around behind the Strobot, grabbed the beaker, and sloshed its contents onto the back of his enemy.


Swaying slightly as the powerful liquid began to hiss, the Strobot turned slowly, and stared at its opponent with distorted eyes. Then it fell to the ground, the acid having fried its circuits.

Turning, Stikky watched as Leddy’s battle with the other Strobot lasted a few more seconds until he too had dispatched his opponent.

Spinning around, the two stickmen watched as Destick’s expression changed to first to disbelief, then to anger.

“Why… you… you…” he began, rage bubbling out in his voice.

At that moment a squad of Strobots burst into the room, guns at the ready.

“Maybe we should get out of here?” Leddy whispered.

“Kill them!” Dr. Destray commanded, suddenly appearing from behind Strobots.

“Run!” Stikky yelled, and dived behind a bench as a volley of lasers shot overhead.

Crawling hurriedly to the other side of the room, all the time protected by benches, cases, sketch boards, and table, Stikky and Leddy got to their feet and sprinted for the door as fast as they could.

Whizzz! A bullet flew past the two and hit the wall, creating a small, melted hole in the wall where it hit.

Slamming the door behind them, the two hurried down the prison corridor, knocking over two Strobots in their path.

A loud voice boomed out over a loudspeaker, probably Destick’s or Dr. Destray’s. It said, “Attention all Strobots! We have intruders! Hunt them down at all costs! Do not let them escape, I repeat: do NOT let them escape!!”

Holding their hands over their ears to block out the thundering noise, the two stickmen ran as hard as they could down the tunnel, opened the door at the end, tripped over a surprised Strobot, and sprinted for the entrance.

Hurrying out of the egress and back into the gigantic cave they had come from, the two turned sharply and ran for the exit tunnel, a stream of Strobots pouring out directly behind them.

Climbing the steep slope up out of the cave as fast as they could, Stikky and Leddy managed to sheath their swords while running, not having had time to before.

As they ran out into the sunlight, half-blinded, Stikky spotted the rough path they had been exploring along previously, and the veered towards it.


A weighted net—no doubt from one of the curious guns some of the Strobots carried—flew between the two and wrapped itself around the tree they had both just stepped aside to avoid.

Panting heavily, the stickmen ran for their lives, curious creatures of both large and small proportions scattering out of their path as they raced along.

Leaping over a fallen log, Stikky and Leddy raced onto the path, the Strobots only a few metres behind.

As they emerged into a clearing, a volley of bullets flew overhead, making them duck instinctively.

Then they were back in the undergrowth; crashing through it like wild animals with bullets, nets, and other projectiles whizzing past them in all directions.

“We’re… not… going… to make… it!” Leddy panted, ducking wearily under a low-hanging branch and chancing a backwards glance at their pursuers.

“Do they… ever… run out of… breath?!” Stikky gasped, glaring back at the Strobots as if he could stop them with an angry look.

“What do you… think?” Leddy panted wearily. “They’re… robots!”

Just as they were about to give up and sink to the ground in defeat, the trees began to thin, the ground became sandy, and, a moment later, they emerged out onto the beach.

“C’mon!” Stikky yelled, a new determination filling him as he saw Resolution lying in the water ahead of them, not more than a thirty metres away.

Putting on a spurt of speed he didn’t think he had, Leddy ran for all he was worth, a yell beginning to fill his throat.

Just as they reached the ship, and began to clamber up the rope ladders hung on the sides of the ship, the Strobots broke through the trees and aimed their guns at the two clear targets.


Suddenly a line of stickmen popped up from behind the railing of the ship, each throwing a long, sharp spear at the army of Strobots, taking down most of the first row.

As Stikky clambered up the last few rungs of the rope ladder, a pair of hands grasped him and helped over the railing onto the deck, where he collapsed and lay panting, his eyes closed and his face covered in sweat.

“C’mon, laddy, let’s get out of here!” an old, cracked voice spoke in his ear, and he opened his eyes to see the grinning face of McRhoddy looking down at him.

Turning back, the old stickman shouted back to the line of stickmen, “Reload, ‘n’ fire again! Show those robo-scum what we’re made of!”

Clambering wearily to his feet, Stikky looked around him, then met McRhoddy’s eyes. “You’re right,” he said weakly. “Let’s get out of here while we still can!”

“Aye aye, Cap’n!” McRhoddy answered. “Let’s get out of here lads!” He shouted, turning to the rest of the stickmen, who responded immediately by pulling up the anchor.

Instantly the sails, which were already filled with wind, billowed out even further. Quickly leaving the Strobots to stare angrily after them, Resolution and her crew of tired but victorious stickmen sailed away into the distance, leaving Destick’s Island behind them.