Well, today i did 371 words (D:), and am on a total of 4776 words altogether.

It was raining again.

Sitting under a roughly-made tent set up on the deck of the Resolution, Stikky, Leddy and the twins were playing cards, and somebody was cheating.

Stikky knew it was one of the twins, but he wasn’t sure which one. Then again,it could be both of them, they were both giving him idiotic grins every time they placed a card.

Turning to look out into the rain, he shivered. He was wearing his raincoat, but even under the canvas it was still freezing.

“How are you going, Steik?” He called to the dim figure at the tiller, who waved a hand in reply.

“I’ll be back in a second,” he explained apologetically to the others, getting to his feet and wrapping his coat tighter around him. “And you two,” he warned, waving a finger at Stif & Stib. “Which ever one of you is cheating, stop it!”

As Stikky stepped out of the tent into the rain, Stif shook his head. “Why does he think it’s always us?” He complained to his brother. “As if we’re the kind of people who would do that!”

Leddy leaned in closer. “Actually,” he replied, grinning. “It was me!”

Clambering up the slippery steps onto the quarterdeck, he lifted a hand to shield his face from a column of spray as he walked carefully across the slippery deck.

“Are you doing okay?” he asked Steik, leaning against the railing of the ship.

“Yep,” Steik nodded, letting go with of the tiller with one hand to adjust his glasses. “I’ve got the hang of it reasonably quickly. I suppose it’s a little harder in wet weather though, but I’d say I’ve hardly noticed it. Have you seen that ship that’s been following us?”

Stikky, who’d been about to go and join the others under the tent once more, was suddenly alert.

“A ship?” he exclaimed, spinning around and almost slipping up. “Where? What kind?”

Steik drew back a little at his friend’s sudden interest. “I’m not really sure,” he answered. “I think it was somewhere over there…”

Turning to look in the direction Steik was pointing, Stikky stared out into the rainy haze, looking for some kind of sign to prove his friend’s