Day 24 – 343 words and a total of 43 418 words!

NOTE: this is an ending for a chapter I never ended up finishing, and finally got around to it… so yeah.

“The next ones’ll get us!” Stikky roared, and then, just as as The Rogue fired again, he pushed on the tiller as hard as he could, sending the Resolution careening sharply to the left.

Grabbing the railing as the ship tilted until the deck was almost vertical, Stikky looked around wildly as two cannonballs hit the water to the right of the ship, narrowly missing her.

Leaning on the tiller as the ship straightened, Stikky—with Leddy alongside him—turned to see The Rogue about to smash into them, cannons lining her decks.

Pulling as hard as they could, Stikky and Leddy almost lost their grip on the tiller as the Resolution turned—this time in the opposite direction—and drew alongside with their pursuers.

Stikky looked up, his hair wild, to see the crew of The Rogue lining their cannons up against the railing. There was no way they would miss now.



The whole ship shuddered, as if in pain as twin cannonballs thudded into her side, causing splinters of wood to fly in all directions as the stickmen fell to the ground in a heap.

“Haahaaarrrrrrrr!” Captain Azrog laughed victoriously from the decks of The Rogue as his ship veered away from the Resolution and gradually faded from view.

Stikky jumped up and looked around wildly. He could already hear the sound of rushing water flowing into the bows of the boat.

“We’re sinking!” he bellowed at the top of his lungs, a look of panic spreading across his face. His thoughts were filled with the fact that the whole ship was filled with helpless, seasick stickmen, who were unable to do anything for themselves!


The whole ship shuddered once more as it stopped dead still, throwing the stickmen to the ground once again.

Clambering up, Stikky vaulted down off the quarterdeck and ran to the bows, where he peered out of the front of the ship, expecting to see a large, towering rock or some other dangerous thing sticking out of the water.

Land. They had reached land. They were safe!