Well, here we go! Tomorrow is the beginning of National Novel Writing Month, and I’m participating! The objective is to write a novel (or part of one) in that month, of at least 50 000 words. You are supposed to write some every day (1700 words is about what you need to do), post what you wrote that day on a blog of some sort (I’m doing mine here), and update your word count on the official website (https://nanowrimo.org/).

I’ll be posting (or trying to) what I’ve written that day, which will probably not match up very much, and won’t be in chapter form, anyway.

The main idea of this (for me) is just to try and write a large part of my novel (or even finish it :D), and hopefully I’ll be nearly done it, or have a lot more of it completed, anyway.

So, starting tomorrow, probably sometime in the afternoon, I will be starting to write!